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Confira a Letra Everything Sleeps


Everything Sleeps

We can't change our world with more of the same of this (with words we've made up)
It mostly how we live
And even darkness has to sleep, or take its turn, in the sky. This is it?
But everyone can see this, and that sounds like a dream I'd like to make one day
But sacrifices must be made
We are all bold and we all fade
Until there's no soil left to sow
Watching dust float in the sunlight
Until there's nothing left on the bone
Drawing maps in our breath on the window
It won't always be this way, and sometimes nothing works
But if we give everything we have every single time
We might get to live what's next
This voice is barely a whisper. It is nothing
I am not this. You are everything

Wait! Listen, I will try and choke out some kind of mystery
We might not all get sleep, but we will all be changed
And then death won't be able to count a victory
My friends my enemies our bodies are empty
But even being empty has potential
The space between my head and heart I try and fill it with simple
Or innocence the shade behind our eyes
Our soul is at our teeth so speak through it
We can't keep what's not ours. It piles up and turns back to dirt
There's work in making long lives, but what is that worth?
When those who have nothing can see more clearly
How can we see more that way?
Instead of making laws for our own gain
When everything sleeps, how long will you?
Everything sleeps, how long will you?
Everything sleeps, how long will you?
There are warning signs louder than words can say
Because sometimes words get in they way
Where there is nothing, there is god
God is everywhere