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Confira a Letra I'm a Prison

Little Bug

I'm a Prison

I was so happy for
Such a long time
But I knew that it was
Too good to be true
I am a prison
Locked up from the inside
I swear I built these walls so high
No-one could ever break in
You are a criminal
You confessed that you belonged inside
You said that you deserved a life behind bars

I hope you got what you wanted
I hope that those pretty lips tasted like
The letters I wrote you
And I hope that when she touches you
It eats you alive
I bet she was lovely
They say she's nice
I am a prison, but
You lived out your sentence

Maybe you can call her
I bet she would pick you up
And I'm so fucking tired
I think I need assistance
I can't stop shaking
Is this what poets describe when they say love
I'm a cematary
But you're an empty casket

I'm tired of loving you, (my) God
I don’t want to hold you captive
I'm tired of loving you, (my) God
I don't want to hold you captive

I'm a prison
I fell in love
I'm a prison
I'm locked up
I'm a prison
You were a criminal
I'm a prison
You're behind bars