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Confira a Letra No More Tears

Little River Band

No More Tears

Sleeping through the night and being happy in the day, I don't want - no more tears, thinking 'bough those sleepless nights and whether I was wrong or right, don't want - no more tears, feeling sentimental never got me nowhere, holding on to trouble left me pulling at thin air, listen to me woman when I tell you
I don't want - no more tears. We could never work it out, it really broke my heart, I don't want - no more tears,
every word was second-hand, delivered by the middle man, don't want his ideas, all my friends and neighbors wanted to get involved, throwing me suggestions, trying to get the problem solved, listen to me woman I tell you I don't want. Bad dreams, in the middle of the night, I can't sleep for fear of losing sight, in my heart I still feel pain, whoa, whoa, and my pride has taken second place, 'cause I've tried to see you face to face, I don't mind this waiting game, it's all the same,
I think I'll be moving on with my life. I'm feeling so much different now, I've mellowed with the years, I don't want - no more tears, I only hope for you to find this happiness, this peace of mind, don't
want - no more tears, every now and then you find a place on my prayers, I have no regrets for what we had and what we shared, listen to me woman, I tell you I don't want - no more tears, no more tears, no more tears, no more tears, no more tears.