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Confira a Letra Hermeneutics



Verse one:

(page one)
Uh-oh, you done awakened a sleeping giant
Partying like it's 1999 but you ain't y2k compliant
The room falls silent as i open the word
Second time around, you found it wasn't what you was
Hopin you heard
Lookin for something sacred to justify your hatred
Take it out of context and get it twisted like fake
See, it's all in the interpretation
You go to god's church and praise him, then monday
Through saturday worship satan
Y'all turbocharged cats need to learn some patience,
Get off the fast track
Y'all fluctuating worse than the nasdaq
Invest a little time to study
Lest history repeat itself, and everybody knows that
History is bloody
Mankind will eat itself, left to its own devices
Recognize and submit to the will of he who alone is
Rebelling for the sake of rebelling against the
Stickin and movin but your arms are just too short to
Seems y'all was lookin for a new problem to solve and
Found it
Ain't nothin new under the sun, yo i revolve around
Ah, but i digress, you look bewildered
I guess you couldn't digest the unfiltered


Catchin visions, dreaming dreams, but everything ain't
What it seems
If i don't really mean what i say, who can say what i
Really mean
You theorize, but can you prove it? it's not the crowd
But how you move it
It's not the gift but how you shoot it, it's all

Verse two:

(soul plasma)
I catapult through this verse and hit you hard where
It hurts
Yo, how you make a living without putting in work
I seek and insert hands to the dirt, making the
Out your neck your words flirt and flatter, we see ya
Pass ya
You minor type, fearing life, low in your fahrenheit
Claim you cold on the mic but you the luke warm type
We storm your party, rock your body, spitting gems wit
We constant on the rise like global crisis
Y'all falling like the night is from stalling with
Your time
You're faltered in your mind, lacking the will to have
A spine
That's the matter of fact, the fact is you stand
Check the hermeneutics, how you gon' build and scared
To climb
It's a fine line between prime and old-school shine
You can rise to power and fall the same hour
Taste, the pride is sour, cowards is changing their
They trying to take it from god but ain't got what it

(repeat chorus)

Verse three:

(page one)
Now who has the skills tight like asthma
Page one up in your section with soul plasma
The authentic, you can't simulate, we stimulate
Minds some would consider eccentric, the genuine
Detonate this bomb and then you('re) in particles
Resonate with the scholastic, true-blue new classic

(soul plasma)
Plastic, your theory after the silent passage
Speaks with lashes, now who's the has-been
But then again these 66 books could never stretch
Guess again and again, lose 'cause the truth just is
Loose justice percussion substance stayin flush
Simply soul and page one, the interpretation is we're
Dope enough

(repeat chorus to end)