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Confira a Letra 2D Person in a 3D World


2D Person in a 3D World

Got a metal suit and brutal tie
Throw the horns at all who pass you by
Off to work, you bang your head
Rock all day then it’s off to brutal bed

You’re more metal than me
You drift away to steel dreams
The one thing that’s harder than you
Is how hard you try…

I don’t ever want to be
Someone else untrue to me
Just a parody
And be a 2D person in a 3D world
Never buy into the hype
Always follow what feels right
Become the archetype
And not a 2D person in a 3D world

Got your pants down low and your hood up high
Wrapped up tight, your golden chains they shine
It’s forty degrees on a summer’s day
Your skin white as the snow so far away

You’re more hardcore than me
Crusin’ to your R’n'B
You’re so ill dope and fly
You’re from the west side of Bankstown

Don’t care if you’re
Black white, Tall short, Thin fat
Or care if you’re…
Gay straight, Boy girl, Rich poor
Or even if you’re…
Hardcore, raver, punk rock, metalhead
Gamer geek, Jesus freak, Atheist
Or have a
Big house, rich friends, fast car, ten guitars
You’re still a douche

So like what you like
Be proud of who you are
But you look like a fool
When you take it too far