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Confira a Letra Godmaker

Lorna Shore


All will now behold.

Ancient genes have spliced the earth, we now know our creator.
Forced to gather in mass herds, mass control, deafening hysteria.
Searching for a source of faith, a new life force has cornered our race.
Greeted us at face to face, taken from home into the dead space.

And now you know you were never really alone.
So can’t you see your existence is merely a flaw in its entirety?

Chemicals will erase all life, you will be denied all rights, and you will behold a portrait of suffering.

Absolute and utter domination, they come forth to speak no peaceful proclamation.
Opening new doors to focus on our deterioration.
Hearts beat strong with the might of ten thousands nations.

We now know our creator.

Why can’t I see?
Why can’t I breathe?
Can it be that all source of light; has forsaken me.

The light has forsaken me.
No father, no center, no serenity, no guidance, just violence, the truths killing me.
Why can’t you speak, see what you’ve done, create and destroy between your mind and tongue.
It’s game over.
The light has forsaken me, no father, no center, no serenity.