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Confira a Letra The Alliance

Lorna Shore

The Alliance

There's been a constant battle that's been raging for centuries
I fear it will never end

Ork & man meet face to face
This a battle for the dominant race
Arrows arise in a mass & block out the sun
You are not friend, but foe, forever my nemesis

Soldiers hold fast to their mounts hands are clenched awaiting the fight
I am the leader, we are the army of the light
We have been sent from a higher power, prepare to face defeat

When will you realize that your God is no greater than I?
Lay down your arms, place your hands towards the sky
There comes a point in time when you must see the end
There comes a point in time where you must see your obsolete

The time has come to face the end

Swords are exchanged at the sound of a horn
The dead drift out to sea their blood remain ashore

We are the end

What do we keep fighting for I have never (never felt so cold)
Felt so cold inside it's days like this (I feel so far away)
I feel so far away & all that's left (is the thought of not)
Is the thought of never coming home
Never coming home again (never coming home)