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Confira a Letra Plastic Town

Luckie Strike

Plastic Town

No one knows, no one sees
the rhymes and what they mean
sour lies, and shrouded town
as shallow as this soggy ground
smog covered truth, light rail trains
cellophane people and what they say
eyes that lie, lips that sting
there's gotta be someway out for me
there's gotta be someway someway
there's gotta be someway out for me
they can't see me
only what they want from me
the truth is here
but it's not what they want to see
maybe one day we could find a way
to wash this dirty old town away
and all it's plastic people
could roll down the river into the bay
then I'll run
and sing I'm free
we're victims here
if we stay the dream will end
dead ends
and dead friends
there's gotta be someway out for me.