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Confira a Letra Blast Furnace


Blast Furnace

Soft, pure, perfect in your ignorance
Sweet, calm, peaceful in its lack of alarm
Young, new, so eager to shed it's thin skin
Prime, ripe, ready to be taken in
Deaf, dumb, blind within your innocence
Be warned, use your charms before they're spent
With every action I grow
With every failure I learn
With every second I know
That all things in time will turn
With everything that I earn
And every movement I make
While pretty boys on MTV sing baby, baby, baby
Sheep that you are
What you don't see
Tissue of scars
What's left of me
Dirt in your throat
Burnt skin of time
Throw the weak from the boat
And leave the wasted behind
Blast furnace in my heart
Blast furnace in my heart
You want it
You need it
You live it
You breath it
You suck it
You spit it
It owns you
Admit it
You lick it
You choke it
It owns you
Provoke it