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Confira a Letra United State


United State

I've forgotten the name of the father.
Forgotten the name of the son.
When I look to their use of the holy ghost,
I think they should fear what's to come.
I've invited the sins of the flesh, I've decidedly taken them in.
When I look to my soul, I don't find it a hole,
but I admit it looks a bit thin.

In this united state.

I have stolen the bread from the alter,
I have tempted the fingers of fate.
I have spit on the grave of the land of the brave
and look to a new united state.
I have pulled the wings off of remembrance,
I have since set alight to the past.
No more wet in these eyes for the lazy,
their head in the sand as the world kicks their ass.

In this united...

Through the cinders I since the horizon,
through the embers the body has stirred.
The end of the world having since come
and gone without whispering so much as a word.
As the sun sends the century packing,
as the dawn threatens not a clean slate.
No where, no way to get back,
and no chance of crashing the gate.

Guess you'll have to take a part in your own fate.
I've bled a fortune worth of lies,
I've caused a wealth of heartfelt pain,
I stand here cold with searing eyes,
look to the sky to bring the rain,
I hold my hoping out of sight,
I hold my doubt between my teeth,
The years catching up to the right,
the truth or lie within belief.