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Confira a Letra World of Hurt


World of Hurt

I feel a softening of my will to the deeper pleasures
the darker corners draw my gaze from the simple glitter
I've started liking the feel of crawling through the stinking
wet walls of piss and litter the cold and hard and rough

I feel brutality has somehow been under-rated
that grating sound that made me cringe at once now makes me grin
I am the island of the future in a closet space
I've felt my face against the floor now I can't get enough

Once I had faith and discipline, now I've got mockery.
I like to posses all the facts, that's what is wrong with me.

I don't believe them anymore my cynical side is my whole.
I want unlimited my freedom, affluence control.
Once I could cage my urges, once I could stop myself.
Once I had safety and I do believe I had my health.

Now I've got pockets full of blood, guts, and come and speed.
Now I've got masses at my feet to come and watch me bleed.
Once stood a fallen nation, destroyed by western fire,
rebuilt to take control of all the world from in the wire.

What if the never-ever comes to claim it's place in all this dirt.
what if the dawning of the zero years consumes this world of hurt?
will we be exorcised at last, our past a sewer to be cleaned
collective consciousness absolved, and all our demons cast inert?

What if we're sleeping in the wet spot of a culture that's a whore
to it's traditions and control, it's horrors sealed with closet doors.
The skeletons a warning here, might learn to bite you and invert,
the tightest grip you've ever held, and make you suck this world of hurt.

Now with the power of a billion stacked in concrete walls.
Possessing all the wealth of nations at it's beck and call.
I am that land of restraint begging it self not to act,
upon each dark repression, fighting hard each urge to overact.

I am a million years of sex repressed and set to blow
the head off all the world to go where I know there's no coming back.
The skeletons a warning here, might learn to bite you and invert,
and make you suck this take and fuck you as you chew this world of hurt.