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Confira a Letra The Black Knight


The Black Knight

Born in fourteen o four
Gilles De Rais came from a family of knights
He was known as a great hero and worst villain during his life
In the Hundred Years' War he served as lieutenant for Saint Joan of Arc
During the second half of the War as they struggled but made their mark

Gilles De Rais was the man
Aristocrat in his homeland
Gilles De Rais was the man
A hero in his homeland

Gilles De rais played a crucial role in France's greatest victories
So he was named the Marshall of France at the age twenty
It wasn't only in the military Rais shared Joan of Arc's mission
He was a devout Catholic and a believer in her holy (visions)


After Joan of Arc's execution and his victory at Lagny
Rais came home and waged war against kids in his vicinity
He would sodomize the children, mostly boys but girls as well
Rais would kill and cut them open and masturbate on their entrails

[Chorus 2:]
Gilles De rais was the man
Who cut up the French children
What Gilles De Rais would do then
Is masturbate on their organs

He got away with murder for eight years with his noble position
Rais dabbled in occult while he eliminated local children
Rais sacrificed kids and the Black Magic summoning demons from hell
Gilles De Rais spent most of his money and used magicians to replenish his wealth

[Chorus 2]

Gilles De Rais killing ways finally ceased
He sold a castle and took it back with force by beating a priest
A violation against the church that stripped Rais of his position
soon after that they solved the mystery of the missing children

[Chorus 2]

They searched Rais' castle and then found fifty mutilated kids
Faced with torture and excommunication
Rais confessed to what he did
Condemned by the church for using Black Magic and the court for murder
Rais was executed where he was simultaneously hanged and burned

[Chorus 2]