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Confira a Letra Fall This Time


Fall This Time

You better think quick,
Act fast before its time you take another blast.
You better think about where you stand cuz it seems youre on the wrong path.
Used to look down, talk down.
Now you walk down the same path blown out.
Youre foolin yourself, youre not proud.
So lean on me to come down.
Choose youre own fate, but this aint mine.
Youve fallen from grace,
I wont let you fall this time.
Out back to back days sniffin gak,
Now youre really on the wrong track.
Do you really want to come back?
Are you losing yourself and do you want that?
I fall this time.
Its not a necessity,
Its just a fantasy and its too much for me.
Too much of anything is not a good thing.
Fallen and now i plead.