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Confira a Letra Hold It Down


Hold It Down

Enough times been wasted and now im faced with our realities and whats to come of this scene.
So many come and go, some have disgraced it.
I think its time we take a stand show them what we mean.
You cant stop this, this thinkg of ours.
Hold it down.
This things is ours, hardcore is ours.
Time after time, line after line.
I must express the truth cuz that is what we stand for.
Some live to lie they will defy and deny our roots i pay no mind.
You no who we care for.
And im not only speaking for myself i cant.
I hope i speak for everyone else out there.
Cuz a lot of people think that we dont care.
But they cant stop what im bringing cant stop what im bringing.
Tryin to make a change do what i can.
They cant stop what im bringing cant stop what im bringing.
You cant stop what we're bringing.
Tryin to make a change and hold it down cuz we can