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Confira a Letra When I'm Alone

Madilyn Bailey

When I'm Alone

I dont think that I ever realize how much I needed you
Or how much I would still be missing you
Cause Im good at moving on and Im good at
Pretending like nothing is wrong
But when the spot lights are down youre the only thing
That I cant get around

Sometimes when Im all alone I still need, I
Need you here to hold me I still do when Im alone
You are always, always on my mind and its crazy
I think about you all the time I just cant let go
When Im alone

I cut my heart off to stop all the bleeding
But I left myself without feeling
Now I cant feel anything, Im numb to
Everything, right up until
I saw you again and all those same memories came
Flooding back to me
I thought that I could forget you and move on but
I, I guess I was wrong