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Confira a Letra The Riverbed


The Riverbed

How It Falls On the Field Down Among Us.
Falls On the King, and His Men On the Riverbed.
Now We Meet After All These Years.

Do You My King, do You Remember Me?

Yeah, I See Your Face Before Me Now.

And I'm Telling You Tonight, That I Know We Belong,
Beyond This Life.
The War Has Taken Its Turn, and It Ain't Ever Turning Back.

I Grew to Be a Man
A Man Who Grew to Be a King.
Got a Job At the Mill,
And When the War Came
I Signed Up For You.

Every Day Now,
I Send a Letter to the People Back Home.
Oh, I Bet You Long For the Life That You Lived.
Me and Myself I Got Nothing to Lose But This War.
And I'm Telling You the War That I Fought
It Was Wrong,
And We Must Die.
Well, Now the Shells Are Hammering Down On the Riverbed.

Drums Roll,
And We Must Go.
We Must Go, the Enemy Is Upon Us.
Rise From Your Knee,
And Now, Pull to the Bridge.

Oh, Brother Don't Turn, Cause I'm Right Behind You Now.
Go On, Go On, On Up From the Riverbed.
For I'm Telling You the War That I Fought
It Was Wrong,
And We Must Die.
It Doesn't Matter Much Now Anyway,
Tonight We Unite.

And When We're Pushing Through,
I Turn Around One Last Time,
And Through the Fire and the Rain
I See the King's White Flag.

The King Lives On,

But Everyone

Everybody Dies.