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Confira a Letra How I Got Over

Mahalia Jackson

How I Got Over

How I got over
How I got over
You know my soul looks back and wonder
How I got over

Soon as I can see Jesus
The man that died for me
Man that bled and suffered
Hung on Calvary
I'm gonna thank him
For how he brought me
I'm gonna thank God
For how he taught me
Yes, thank my God for how he kept me
I'm gonna thank him 'cause He never left me
I'm gonna thank God for ol' time religion
I'm gonna thank Him for giving me a vision
I'm gon' join the Heavenly choir
And I'm a-sing and never get tired
I'm gonna sing somewhere 'round God's alter
And I'm a-shout all my troubles over
Lord, we got to thank you
Thank you for being so good to me

I'm gon' wear a di-garment
In that New Jerusalem
I'm gonna walk the streets of gold
In that homeland of the soul
I'm gonna view the hosts in white
That been traveling day and night
Coming up from every nation
On their way to the great coronation
Coming from the north, south, east, and west
On their way to a land of rest
Lord, we gonna join the heavenly choir
We gon' sing and never get tired
Lord, we gon' sing somewhere 'round your alter
And we gonna shout all our troubles over
Lord, we gotta thank you
Thank you for being so good to me

Hmmm, I wanna thank you, this morning
I wanna thank you, Lord, this morning
You know all, all night long
You kept your angels watching over me
And you told your angels this morning
You told your angels, Lord, this morning
You said, "Touch her, in my name"
You said, "Touch her, in my name"
And I rose, I rose this morning
Lord, I rose, I rose this morning
With the blood, blood running warm
All in my veins, Oh Lord
Lord, I feel, I feel like running
Lord, I feel, I feel like running
Lord, you know I feel, feel like running
Lord, Lord, I feel, I feel like running
Lord, I wanna thank you
Thank you, thank you for being
So good to me