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Confira a Letra Mattis And Maia

Maia Hirasawa

Mattis And Maia

She found you on myspace today
Sent a message wondering if you were okey
When she listened to the harmonies
Something behind her heart wanted to keep what´s left of you

She waited for hours and than,
You replied with a short "this is the end"
No tears were running until
Something behind her heart wanted to kill what´s left of you
Though she´s dreamin of you, and maybe

Mattis and maia go travelling again
Maybe to another state or maybe to japan
It might be warmer there, it might be prettiier,
It might be easier, definetely quieter
Somewhere else

He closed his eyes as he fell
All things he didn´t write but wanted to tell
He listened to her songs
And something behind his heart knew it would come
Straight back again
But this isn´t the end
And maybe
Mattis and maia go travelling again…