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Confira a Letra The Spirituality Of The Prostituition. Masculin Domination Against Alterity.


The Spirituality Of The Prostituition. Masculin Domination Against Alterity.

Hounting down the strrets
Hunting object-mens
Without any interest but money.
Realising the imaginar complication of exchange.
The indestructible alliance of,
a sex without anything but financiar existence.
Without an interior sex,
Hounting universally and attemporally
In evry potential a model
"How could a women to have a penis?"
Through prostitution...
Cancelling the question of alterity,
Through not-deal with reality...
...nothing but sex, but rather neutral than ambivalent.

Disgust ... seeing the real situation
revealing the real image of anatomic conditions,
The disgust against the own sex.
Paying to go at the extreme of the selfishness,
To find the ultimate indiference against the other,
through self forgetting.
The minimal satisfaction...ejaculation orgasm's!

A codificate relation,
Sending away the misterious feminin sexuation
Fascinating and calming... through calculation
A contract agains the Theory of feminin wishes,
Against all that excell masculin voluptuousness.
The deream and also the obssession...
A frigidity to relase his own...
A manipulation who oposse, to feel the satisfaction
The haugh of a suprassing obstacle,
A new Messia to sacrifice himself to set free,
forever from the difference between sexes.
Confrounting everytime the own image,
Without any posibility of reduction,
Soiling the female sex, the non-capacity
Of dealing with their own...

A machine who makes the same from the other,
The own from all the others.
The wish to annex the things of an unknown body
To his own sexuality,
The returns to itself though female body, the fundamental homosexuality
Of the prostitution ritual.
Paying to abdiacate from it's own masculinity,
To stop the erotism from its active character,
to populate with reality the own erotic phantasm
To make yourself the MASTER.