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Confira a Letra Soulfunkers - U Got the Luv


Soulfunkers - U Got the Luv

Sometimes i feel like
Throwing my hands up in the air
I know i can count on you
Sometims i feel like saying
Lord, i just don´t care
But you´ve got the love i need
To see me through

Sometimes it seems that
The going is just too rough
And things go wrong
No matter what i do
Now and then i feel
That life is just too mich
But you´ve got the live
I nees to see me through

When food is gone
You are my daily meal
Whwn friends are gone i know
My saviour´s love is real
Yor love is real


You´ve got the love
You´ve got the love
You´ve got the love
I need to see me through

Every once in a while
I say, lord, i can´t go on
Every once a while
I get to feeling blue
Every once a while
It seems like i am all alone
But you got the love
I need to see me throug

My thoughts are brave
And friends are few
I cry out lord what must i do
I call up master make me new
You´ve got the love
I need to see me through