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Confira a Letra John Nathaniel - Better Days


John Nathaniel - Better Days

They say it's not the typical way
To find words that I really wanna say
It's not an honest mistake
When you're aware, you stare and you're wide awake

We remember all the better days

So go on, go on and try to make it okay
Go on, go on and say what you wanna say
We can't escape the future we might as well just find our own way
Cause tonight we think about the better days

Tonight we're gonna set things right
Cause I'm never going down without a fight
I'm gonna be the man I wanna be
I'll get you back for all the things that you did to me

And we dream about the better days

So what if we're jaded and overrated
I think the facts remain very unstated
(I made up my mind, I made up my mind)
And suddenly I wanna say

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