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Confira a Letra Y-Not - Y-Not


Y-Not - Y-Not

Come on! (e-yo! ) aha, aha, e-yo
Ohh, y-not baby, lets go

I jumped the big line in my colourfull mink,
So i can get inside and grab a colourfull drink now
The club is packed, security is high
I'm in vip, i'm feeling the vibe
Girls be rocking them real short dresses
The bling is shiny, hanging from my neckless

The y, the y, the n-o-t
Ladies, ladies know me
The y, the y, the n-o-t
Fellas fellas hating on me

I make you wanna move your feet
We do it for the clubs and the streets
And all my ladies
Come and take a ride with me
Fellas getting high with me (e-yoo!)

She was shaking it down, she was rocking it slow
I was growlin' like a lion upon the dancefloor
Her body was amazing, trailblazing
Let me take her home, no time to wasting
So let's just, go from the bed to the floor
So just, scream if you want some more
I got my car parked outside ready to go
You can tell your man, if you wanna let him know
´Cuz we can take it to the streets, if haters want beef
So y-not go to the store if you want some meet (aha!)

Doh doh doh, doh doh doh doh (e-yo!)
Doh doh doh, doh doh doh doh

Lets take 'em to the jungle baby!!!

Next week, i'll find a new freak
If she's short, tall, skinny or a little petite
She's gotta look fly, and be down to ride
And make them hater haters, back back up!
'Cuz they see all the ice, god damn its nice
If you wanna look good, you gotta pay the price
So i jump in the car, cuz we're moving on,
And the girls wanna show my their thoia thoing