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Confira a Letra Looking For Love

Mariana Kupfer

Looking For Love

I was alone thinkin` I was just fine
I wasn`t lookin` for anyone to be mine
I thought love was just a fabrication
A train that wouldn`t stop at my station

Home, alone, that was my consignment
Solitary confinement
So when we met
I was getting around you

I didn`t know I was looking for love
Until I found you honey/baby
I didn`t know I was looking for love

Cause there I stood and I would
Oh I wonder could I say what I felt
And not be misunderstood
A thousand stars came into my system
I never knew how much I had missed them

Slap on my lap of my heart you landed
I was coy but you made me candid
And now the planets circle around you

So we build from here with love the foundation
In a world where tears` our consolation
Now you here there`s a full brass band
Playin` in me like a wonderland
And if you left I would be two-foot small
And every tear would be a waterfall
Soundless boundless I surround you