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Confira a Letra I am the Deep Blue Sea

Mark Mathis

I am the Deep Blue Sea

sit down young children on my sandy shore - i am the deep blue sea
i have a story for every boy and girl - who will listen to me
you see, i was born in a thunderstorm and as a raindrop i felt so free
'til i was taken from the river i loved - she was like a mother to me

it's true my waters are fraught with danger - but i need you to believe
that i have never hurt an honest sailor - or battered your home with my seas
that's from the north wind, that's from the south wind, that's from the west and the east
they trespass on me - they raise my fury - they make me foam and they make me boil

i have a friend
one that i love
her name is the moon
she holds me close

when she gets thirsty
i let her drink
when morning comes
i lay her back down to sleep

you may ask ,child, how old i am - well i'm as old as there is time
anchors have scarred my deep blue heart and the whalemen robbed me blind
end times are comin' - i will give up all these souls that i have hid
and in the firelight i will return to the place i did begin