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Confira a Letra Get Me Through

Mary C and The Stellars

Get Me Through

Early morning as I find myself
Thinkin' bout what I'm gonna do
Tv on but this life isn't gained
Always planning out ain't that smooth
Woke up and I close my eyes
Won't you threw me down a little sign
I get lost in this crazy world
A little little help is nice

It's one of those days tryin' to tune the haze
Daydreamin' just to get me through
People hangin' around but I don't hear a sound
Daydreamin' just to get me through

Hey down there it's a windy road
Don't need a map I'm just gonna go

Until this path unfolds
But I get lost in this crazy world
I let my mind take over control

Everywhere I turn there are faces
Starin' back at me, yeah
No one's got the answers so I find a way
To skip reality
I'm just (?) from here, shut up the noise
I can't hear what you're saying to me
I'm there in a place of my own...