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Confira a Letra The Cross has Said it All

Matt Redman

The Cross has Said it All

The cross has said it all,
The cross has said it all.
I can't deny what You have shown,
The cross speaks of a God of love;
there displayed for all to see,
Jesus Christ, our only hope,
a message of the Father's heart:
"Come, my children, come on home."----

high as the heav'ns are above the earth,
so high is the measure of Your great love;
as far as the east is from the west,
so far have You taken our sins from us

The cross has said it all,
the cross has said it all.
I never recognized Your touch
until I met You at the cross.
We are fallen, dust to dust;
how could You do this for us?
son of God shed precious blood;
who can comprehend this love?

How high, how wide, how deep
how high, how wide, how deep,
how high!