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Confira a Letra Swallow the Sea

Matthew Perryman Jones

Swallow the Sea

Something's in the air
Empty as smoke that won't clear
Low lit bar a filled up car
Where you disappear
Secrets are a stain
That mess up your mind
But we love to play
Take your time to waste your time
While life slips away

Oh, what do you want to hear
What do you want

Oh, where can you go
Where can you go
You're stuck in the undertow
Oh no, it won't let you go
It won't let you go
You're stuck in the undertow

Hold it with your hands
All of your hopes are in this one
A silent stare that won't be there
After you're done
The sun is coming up
Shining on top of dying weeds
Lonely lovers, tangled sheets
It won't stop the bleed


Where can you go?
Can you swallow the sea?