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Confira a Letra Maximum Resistance

Max Resist

Maximum Resistance

Are you willing to die for what you believe,
It might just come to that.
See other people live like sheep,
But you know where it's at.
You stand apart, 'cause you know you're right.
You're not alone in this fight, you got! …

Maximum Resistance - Max Resist
Maximum Resistance - Max Resist

You're not ashamed to be white working class,
You're mad as hell, you want to kick some ass.
Don't ever let them take your freedom away,
Look in the mirror and you're ok.
I can tell that you're not afraid, you got! …

You can't expect someone to fight your battles for you,
It's only up to you.
When you learn the truth you'll know what to do.
And now you're living day to day,
You'll live to fight another day, you got! …