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Confira a Letra Renegade youth

Max Resist

Renegade youth

Growing up wasn't easy, it wasn't easy to do
You had to be different, the discover of you
Did they single you out?
Tell you you were wrong?
All the torture and abuse,
It just made you strong

Renegade youth, you're not lost
You're not even goin' home tonight
Or any night, tonight

Searching for the truth, lost in a maze
Forced through the system,
Why don't you act your age
No matter what your choice is,
I hope it works out for you
I hope you get where you're going to,
I hope I do too

Don't lose your hope, always stay true
To your self and your spirit,
No matter what you do
Use your heart and your mind,
And you'll never lose your way
Other than advise I can give ya,
I don't know what to say?