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Confira a Letra Come To The Sabbath

Mercyful Fate

Come To The Sabbath

Come come to the Sabbath, down by the
ruined Bridge
Witches and Demons are coming
Just follow the magic Call
Come come to the Sabbath, down by the
ruined Bridge
Later on the Master will join us
Called from the Heart of Hell
At first we light up a Fire, and then we hail
our Lord
Two Candles, a black and a white, are placed
upon the Altar
North, South, East and West, and so we
clean the Air
High Priestess invoking the Devil, infernal
Names are spoken
Come to the Sabbath...Sabbath
Come to the Sabbath
The Ceremony's proceeding, it's Time to
grant your Wishes
An Evil Curse on the Priest who took the Life
of Melissa
Now we must close up the Ritual, read the
Enochian Key
And so it will be done, Amen... now come
Come to the Sabbath...Sabbath
Come to the here we come
Solo: H.S.
If you say Heaven, I say a Castle of Lies
You say forgive him, I say Revenge
My sweet Satan, You are The One