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Confira a Letra Battle Cry

Messiah Prophet

Battle Cry

Scared, alone and hurt again
These are my battle scars
Cold and tired, no rest in site
My heart feels the battle scars
My mind wants to stop, but my heart says no
Though it's pierced and it's ready to die
My lifeblood spills but I'm ready to go
But I hear it in the night
Battle cry (2x's)

Sometimes i feel like I'm falling apart
Sometimes i feel i should fall
But i grit my teeth and I clench my fists
and see the writing on the wall
The good book says that we've got to stand
We've got to take it all
Fightin' with love and the sword of the Lord
We answer to our call
Battle cry (2x's)

My war is not with flesh and blood
Still I'm fighting for my life
Front lines, all the time
Ain't no rest in sight
I fire at will, I open up
Tryin' to gain some ground
and i fight on, and on
Marchin' to the sound
Battle cry (4x's)

Take a chance on love again
Open up inside
Try once, try twice
Try to understand
I've taken falls, I've had my share
I've learned to take it well
But it still hurts, still hurts
And only God can tell

Battle cry
It's a cry of pain and cry of fear
Battle cry
It's a cry of the heart that no one hears
Battle cry
I'm scared and alone, to tired to fight
Battle cry
It goes through the night