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Confira a Letra That's What's Up!

Messy Marv

That's What's Up!

[Verse 1:]
I wanna smoke and you know that(Thaz wasup)Litte Cuzin want dro aY? (Thaz wasup) I got a caddy on blaze(Thaz wasup) Me and ma niggaz sell yay'(Thaz wasup) I'm tryna take sum'n home(Thaz wasup) and On the way check dome (Thaz wasup)I'm drinking remmy with tha hip (Thaz wasup) With tha bloods and the crips, cause(Thaz wasup)I'm tryna find sum'n Thick, that'll fly with this shit (Thaz wasup)Touchdown in nebraska(Thaz wasup)And get money a lil faster (Thaz wasup)Shit, I'm tryna hit the club (Thaz wasup)Swallow ex, and pop dub' (Thaz wasup)The westcoast gon'bring it (Thaz wasup)So if u thuggin nigga say it nigga, tell em, tell em'(Thaz wasup) YEE-AH!

Holla out ya set tell em (That's wasup [x5])
If u reppin ya projects, Tell em (That's wasup [x5])
If u sittin on sum'n wet, tell em (That's wasup [x5])
We keep it crackin in tha west, we tell em, tell em, tell em (thaz wasup [x5])

[Verse 2:]
Yung Mess' ball out(Thaz wasup)You wanna ball' em all out? (Thaz wasup)Nigga we need anotha bottle(Thaz wasup) And mo' bullets for tha Rollo(Thaz wasup)The weed all gone? (Thaz wasup) Finna take yo ass home(Thaz wasup)A cadier'(CAH_DEE_AY) with the pezzo(?) (Thaz wasup) Capri wheelz(?) on the Camero(Thaz wasup) 20's on a four-wheel'a(Thaz wasup) BITCH I'm a dope deela(Thaz wasup) Baby girl had butta(Thaz wasup)Is she a bad muthafucka blood? (Thaz wasup)I'm tryna hit mississippi(Thaz wasup)They all thick and so pretty(Thaz wasup) Tha east cost gon' bring it (Thaz wasup)
So if you thuggin nigga say it, tell em, tell em(Thaz wasup) YEE-AH!


[Verse 3:]
A Yo!
I rock fellas, right jigga(WTF IDK?)(Thaz wasup)Shit, I Ain't scared of no nigga, we ain't neva scared BITCH!
You know ma city gonna shine (Thaz wasup) I do this shit all the time, cause(Thaz wasup) Shit, I'm tryna count paper(Thaz wasup) Shood I make her walk and raise her? (Thaz wasup)Sum'in sitting on candy
(Thaz wasup) I rep the block you understand me? (Thaz wasup) I put this heat in ya face(Thaz wasup)And put cha ass in ya face (Thaz wasup) I'm havin money like Solser-? (Thaz wasup)I signed a messy marv poster(Thaz wasup)Shit It's Crackin In The Bay(Thaz wasup)
We could smoke all day (Thaz wasup)Nigga, tha dirty gon' play it (Thaz wasup) So If you thuggin nigga say it, tell em, tell em! YEAH!