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Confira a Letra The Critics Are Never Kind

Michael Franks

The Critics Are Never Kind

The critics are never kind

The critics are never kind
They thrive on the negative

They seldom give
Their praise or their thanks

Van Gogh
And their word is sacrosanct

The critics are always blind
Deaf and dumb when it comes to change

Their feeble brains
Cannot penetrate

Van Gogh
Until it's too late

We are Degas, Gauguin, Van Gogh
We are painters not parasites
Which one of them will ever know
What it's like to get high on sweet inspiration?

The critics are lonely souls
Their job is a thankless one

Which must be done
If art is to survive

Van Gogh
Their specialty is jive

The critics must earn their keep
By using pedantic words

One's never heard
With razor sharp wit

Van Gogh
But who gives a sh?

From the musical noa now