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Confira a Letra Beneath Water

Let's scratch away the sand
Stuck in your ears
Water all the crops
With showers of tears
Tell all those baby's mothers
They don't need no fear
Because God's got their hearts
In His hands

We will ask all the painters
If they dress in white
To walk around the streets
In the dead of the night
Dance like guests at a wedding
Underneath the lights
Look at the buildings and say,
"I touched that."

We always want to brag

Hold me underneath the water
Until the old me dies and slips
Out of this body
And make me new again

Maybe I am the writer
That will spark the flame
That makes the world believe
in the right kind of faith
But perhaps I need to get
These feet offstage and find
A smaller pair of shoes to fill

What i know is that
I am my father's only son
Who said,
"There will be time for sleep
When the work is done."
Keep your pedal
To the floor
Until the race is won
What if the race
Is not a race at all
Don't you crash into a tree.


He spoke His words to me
Like well driven nails
They sank like wind to rain
To my rusty sails
The sailor's hands to flight
And hung in the sky
Below a celebration that
Land was in sight

My heart puffs with pride
As I am defined
The center of this room
Filled with all your eyes
Leading me to believe
That I am so fresh and revised
But God I am nothing if I don't have You

I met my brother in a hallway
Said he loved Jesus
I said, "I think I do too."