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Confira a Letra Industry for the Blind


Industry for the Blind

This is not conversation.
It's just well-wrapped sensation with a mannequin lining to remind you to sign in.
It's not altercation, it's just reaffirmation that you're standing on desks to shout at no one at best.
You've got to get up to stand up.
Don't bother playing dead. Gouge your eyes out.
It's better not to see the way things are without a way to get to where they should be.
The ones who don't think were just thinking ahead.
They dug this ditch for you, now the best that you can do is lie in it.
This is not altercation, it's just well-wrapped sensation and now you're telling about the chaos you're wearing.
The ones who lined in the blueprint to sign in have got you sucking hand over fist.
You've got to get up to stand up. Don't bother playing dead.