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Confira a Letra Carnival Of Shame

Mind Relief

Carnival Of Shame

This ainʼt no metaphor, there's no intentions now to be kind
I donʼt have a clue of what happened to you, the only explanation is that youʼve gone blind

Hypocrisy, stupidity from mountains to shore
Deceptive commanded alienated people

The country of happiness where the sun always shine
Packed with people with their minds drowned to dark

A nude ass and a beer on a sunny day
Is all that you need to forget all the shit that you eat every day

Slaved by the system and raped by the taxes
For all the politicians think we are just like them clowns
Dancing like marionettes decorated with sparkles
Pursuing a ball on a senseless battle

A nude ass and a beer on a sunny day
Is all that you need to forget all the shit that you eat every day

Bread and circus is the law on these lands
Kill your sons and rape your daughters
Carnival of shame dodge them out of the blame
As you dance on blinded, so fucking retarded

The representatives in brazil has approved a raise of 61% on theirs own wages receiving an amount of 15000 dollars, while a regular working man receive a minimum salary of 300 dollars. A research shows that in são paulo there are 14000 people living in the streets starving without a home and a family.

Happy people that never give up
They spit on youy faces and you donʼt give a fuck
Maybe one day weʼll get out of this shit
The day that you can listen to me