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Confira a Letra Toxic Queen

Mind Relief

Toxic Queen

The first time that I saw you
A fire sparked on me
Your blonde hair and your green eyes always hypnotize me

Tender lips and toxic tongue between my legs go on
You make me high and hot
And its getting hard to let you go

Kiss my lips while I fell your pale skin
Breath my breath while Iʼm snorting inside of me

You're my addiction, I'm crazy about you
And I can't stand here all alone
Feel my desire go higher and higher
You're my toxic queen
And your kiss it's my medicine

I look your smile and I can remember you down on your knees
I make my best to make you high so this way I got you addicted to me

Kiss my lips while you fell me inside of you
You know that I want it more cause I am addicted to you