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Confira a Letra Wrapped In Barbed Wire


Wrapped In Barbed Wire

Amongst the rubble
The whistle blows and we go over the top
The cries of dying men
and the raining of artillery shells
In lands devastated by warfare
Covered by the wires of hell
Creating an impenetrable fortress
Miles upon miles long
Curtains of suffocating razors
Protecting these labyrinths
Concealing my enemies
Behind a fence of torment

Wrapped in
Wrapped in barbed wire

Entangled in rusted wire
Pulling the skin from the flesh
Writhing in agony
Squeezing the blood from the veins
Spilling the blood gloriously
Onto the battlefield
The coils of spines
Reach out as Satan's arms

Wrapped in
Wrapped in barbed wire

A veil of thorns
Skewering the skin
Ripping the sinew
Impaling the soul