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Confira a Letra Legacy of winter


Legacy of winter

Wind is blowing cold,
Fog is rising from the woods,
our home is now embraced with cold,
The winter breeze came above our land.

This grimness has shown it's teeth,
Everything around seems to be dead,
Our kingdom is now covered by white,
Legend of winter now has arised.

The frost that is spreading will poison our hearts,
The snow that is falling will cover our eyes!

Legacy of winter... we will die!
Legacy of winter... will arise!

Silent whispers, silent cries,
Soon we will be taken to the other side.
The life will end, the end will rise,
rebirth of our souls, when corpses are covered by ice.

(scream)... Legacy of winter... we will die!
(scream)... Legacy of winter... will arise!

Our hope is far away, our will is dead.
We are now gone without every regreat.
Is this a new beginning? A gift of life?
Is this the promised land or it is afterlife?

Whisperers of the night, show us the morning light,
never have been so lost, in this winter's might.

In this world of emptiness, in this world of fear,
Our souls, our minds have disappeared.
No heart to feel, no eyes to see,
under the ice, we will never be set free!