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Confira a Letra Unearthly Bloodism


Unearthly Bloodism

…alone is the one who survives to humanity…

I carve my skin and pain is allowed to flow thru scars
Self abstraction from compulsive matter imploding

Saturates the weakness of meat to the corpse deflagration
Frozen movements in divine cults of satic subliminal structures

Corroision of form
Essence displaced impermanence
In monumental persistence of i
Organism shivers

While violate the vile substance
I extirpate my eyes to perpetuate the night

Which keeps the secrets of blood
Deforming in genesis of nothingness
Screaming reminescences i will disintegrate in places

Where only i can breathe
No senses serve reality
I amputate all nerves with the realm of i
I draw the vacuum
The vacuum shaping me

I condemn my blood for creating warmth
I condemn my blood for feedin' what should die
I condemn my blood for it sentences me to a past
I condemn my blood for enchaining me to humanity

Shall my order be raped by eternal titanic rises of deaths
Until the march towards the stars
Until the fall between the worms

I am the nomad sun
That roves for force of fear
I hold perception sceptre of the worlds below
Transcend beyond the man
Destroyin' this earthly blood.