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Confira a Letra Heretical Forbidden Genesis


Heretical Forbidden Genesis

Dissonances within embraces of frail architecture of light
Enshroud me with their immortal drape

Stars are tearing in astral carnage
Rippin' claustrophobic skies
Edges enshrine shreds of reality
Phenomena glance
Void of voices from melting Motion to proto-real Stasis
Shapeless forms...
Neurosadistic disruption...

Ashes of vengeance transmuted in carcass ad hominem concepts
Threat of Truth from cosmic legions
Evershifting of Infinity atoms
Tremblin' acid pictures on fading surface
In this luminescence

... Hidden darkness is the root...

Asphyxiated ascetic sight
Intoxicates sensorial methods of anatomy mechanism
Supreme hallucination state

Strangled by deserts of corrosive light

From holistic dungeons to desolate systematic waste
Cranial graves deliverances
In abstract dimensions

Renaissance amongst fractal illusions

Landescape disfigured
In this apparition of tyrannous rebellion
Through the bowels of Melancholy pleasures
Eyes torches to descend the last Era

Rise of the Chaos from the Flesh
Shattering Sanity spine
Vanished faces evoking palingenetic tribute
Howlin' demons burial for instinct
For Ascension

The silence of a birth
... Breathes...
The silence of a death