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Confira a Letra Glow



The ice-cold raindrops falling from the sky
They try to melt away all my broken scars
The shining afterglow gently caught my eyes
With someone's smiling face hidden deep inside

As the time is passing by, we find the strength inside
The beautiful lies are not so hard to tell as before
And in the past I've had to taste so many different pains
Sometimes I still hear them knocking on my door

You're fading away
No way for you to see the tears in my eyes
In this sentimental glowing twilight
Nobody is here to hear me cry

Please take a look inside of me
All the scars you've given me
I can't go on, not taking one more step
They're taking all of me
"Please disappear. I don't want you here."
I look at you and pray like this
But tell me why
I can't go on
I'm holding onto you so deep inside

Now it's time for you to walk the distance
Nothing is left for me but only silence
In this sentimental glowing twilight
You're falling away
Alone I face the night

"You will stay forever deep inside of me"
Just my stupid little childish fantasy
In this sentimental glowing twilight
I'm falling apart without you

Can you wipe away all my tears?
Can you fight away all my fears?
Reaching out my hands
Trying to hold on to the you
That I don't want to lose

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