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Confira a Letra Dance Dance Revolution


Dance Dance Revolution

It's the nonstop!

Dance, dance, dance, dance.

Here we go (can you feel it),
let's rule the rhyme
feel the groove,
and the electro glide.

Can you feel the beat this way?
so come on and let your body sway
Front, back, side-to-side, the motion,
and material and air force glide.

When you can do it,
and feel the light,
so get here pump the bump

Move your body, m-m-move you body!
Oooh (Yeah-Come on!!)
Come on move your body,
movin' groovin', yeah.

(Everybody) This time can we get
on the floor!?
(Everyone comin on to the sides)

Move your feet,
now come on!
Wanna be the one to know,
we can get down!

Yeah-yeah can ya hear the sound? (Can your body?)
we're one place down, so don't tire yet.
Feel that? We're the highest of all. (Movin to the groovin)
higher and higher till the break of dawn.

At dawn, we may never come down,
that's when ya feel and ya hear it now.
Near the ground, rock anyway...
let the party go on in the place today!

Come on let's party, (n-n-n-n-n-never stop the groovin')
Don't, don't stop the groove (Yeah, come-on)
Ooh! Move your body, gotta move,
Move your body (I know you can feel it)

Move your body, (all over my body, I know) (Yeah come on, come on!) (Come on, come on, come on),
Move you want to, you want to move your body. (let's dance all night to the...)

Dance Dance Revolution!