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Confira a Letra Death Farming


Death Farming

Building castles of technology and steel
Destroying cattles hanging from a hook
Impenetrable walls covering atrocities
To hide what you eat

Outside the slaughterhouse the horror continues
The animal kingdom reduced to a pile of shit
And to feed this absurd creation we extinguish the earth
And turn it into a graveyard of cancerigenous corpses

Scientfic genetic experimentations
Disguised as a try to feed the poor
Corporations masked as friends
Killing us from inside

From the land to the lab to the shelves to your house
Spreading the disease and sabotaging your body
The venom makes its deadly way across the world
A life-longing gift from the industries of food
Society is designed to make you think you're healty and safe
When the things that destroys you are being consumed on free-will
They fooled and they poisoned you and you fell for their trap
There's no escape now the mistaken has been made
Now you fucking die