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Confira a Letra Dementia 13

Nasty Savage

Dementia 13

I took the
13 steps
To the 13th
There I was
To the
Tree of woe
Lady of the
Fed me the
Beetle nut
The veins of
The highway
Descend even deeper
Sun strokes
The walls
On the path
To the
The prince
Of darkness
His hand
Don't take it
Take it

A would be god
Unspeakable evil
13 steps to Dementia 13
Dog crucifix
Inverted crosses in blood
13 steps to Dementia 13

I took the 13 steps
To the 13th pyramid

Dementia 13
Dementia 13
No not just
A dream
Dementia 13
Dementia 13

[guitar solos]

As I stand
Before you
Evil vs Evil
Mind bending
Blood will boil
Skin will crawl
Duel to the death
This day I
Am mine
Silver cross
To free
Your soul
Its not a