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Confira a Letra Powerslam

Nasty Savage



Got your gimmick
It's time to go
Walk the aisle
Another show
Crawl through
The ring ropes
Promoter's dream
The house is full
Hope to get
A good pat off
Ring announcer
Ring the bell
Born with a bent
For brutality
Prince of Darkness says
Pleasure is pain
Forearm smash
Squared Cicle
A piledriver
On the floor
No holds
In anguish
Hit with
A chair
As it opens
Up your
Raging barks of
Bruiser Brody
In cold blood
He was
Taken away
The invader
Must pay

Come at me
Make a stand
Put you in a

The Lunatic is Luna
Or is she an angel
A thumb in the eye
Never say die
Blood brings a crazy
Light to the sky
Come at me
Make a stand
Put you in a

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