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Confira a Letra Holy Spirit

Nate Sallie

Holy Spirit

More than just a moment in History
More than just an experience that I seek
Yours is a friendship that lasts forever
And every day I hear you speak

Mysteries revealed each day
Hidden treasures found in faith
You are the fire sent down from heaven
Until I see you face to face
I will run to you
And Your words of truth

Holy Spirit come
Come and fill me with Your love
Move inside of me
Fill the air I breathe
Holy Spirit come
Fall on me

Conversations run so deep
Spoken promises from the King
And I never want to leave your presence
You're all that I need

Saturate every move I make
So I'm filled with what I crave
And open my eyes to the pathways ahead
Every step that I take
I will run to you
And Your words of truth

Repeat Chorus

Walk with me
Tell me secrets of His majesty
Pour out on me
Visions and dreams
I want more than just a little bit of everything
I want all you're saying
So I'm praying

Repeat Chorus