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Confira a Letra Ruined

Nate Sallie


Why would I walk away from a life
Where I had it all
People say that I've lost it
But I say there wrong, so long
I've been captured by your grace
Found a home in your embrace
Tasted waters from your crystal stream
I've been searching all my days
Looking for this better place
Now I'm living here inside this dream

I've been ruined
For this life ordinary
I've been captivated
By a different kind of living
Now I'm starving for your yearnings
I'm ruined

I'm ruined

No desire for business as usual
Or a walk through the park
Playing it safe never getting too close
Never going too far
Choosing the middle to survive
Never pledging either side
Merely existing
Barely getting by
Now I'm looking for your longings
Found a home that's worth belonging
Devastated by your love divine

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Something had to give
The image that was me
I pulled the idol down
Caught up in a dream
You can tell I've rearranged
I've prioritized
You can see it on my face
See the fire in my eyes

I've been ruined
You've got me ruined

Repeat Chorus