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Confira a Letra Heaven's Just a Breath Away

Nate Sallie

Heaven's Just a Breath Away

Looks like I've got all the time in the world
I've got all my days insured
Heaven can wait while I am young and in love with myself
And the life I choose to live
Do you think that I could rent
A space in between this world outside
And the call on my life

When will I realize
You've got me focused in your sight
With a purpose that's divine
For this time

Heaven's just a breath away
I can't waste another day
Pretending that tomorrow's a guarantee
I've got to face my reality
Heaven's just a breath away

Falling into love with something more
Than a fling that's gone before
I turn around and take a look
I've been took for

I don't want to miss a thing
I want all you've got for me
Wake me up with God-sized dreams
I can't sleep

Repeat Chorus (2x)

When I step out of this scene
No regrets will be following
I've spent all there was of me
Cashing in on eternity
Until then I'll follow you
There's not a moment I can lose
Wake me up with God-sized dreams
I can't sleep

Heaven's just a breath away
3, 4...

Repeat Chorus