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Confira a Letra Save Me

Nate Sallie

Save Me

And fighting with myself
Looking for the answers
In the eyes of someone else
But I feel all alone
Stranded on this highway
Trying to find my way
Back home
Please tell me the morning will come
Don't you see that I'm coming undoneAnd I need you to
Save me from the walls that I build
From the broken heart inside of me
That just will not heal

Save me
When it's hard to believe
And the faith I need
Is so far from the world that I see
Won't you save me
From myself

Bleeding down here on my knees
If I lay down at the altar
Will set my spirit free
From the life that I have lived
Breathing in surrender
Hoping that you will forgive
Show me there's an end to this fight
And your love can make everything right